Our Company

History and presentation of INDDISE group.

Our company has 40 years old, being your home in July 1975, although it is necessary to mention that it is furniture family tradition for more than 100 years, since CASA SALAZAR (MUEBLERÍA IMPERIO) was founded in 1907.

Our Beginning

The start of INDDISE was manufacturing polyurethane foam mattresses and today its rotation is very broad, as through its market area "CONTRACT", we produce upholstered furniture as chairs for bar, sofa beds, futons, both for interior and exterior wood furniture as bedrooms, chairs, tables, cabinets, chairs, doors, kitchens, using all types of materials: Woods, boards of solid wood with natural veneer, fabric, leather, vinyl, marble, granite, corian, etc.


Our plant is installed in an own ship, with total area of 5,000 Sq.m., we have the equipment and essential, but the most important thing is the quality of our staff, which together with the experience gained, we have achieved an unmatched versatility and a valuable responsibility and reputation for good quality and efficient service.

HOURS: 8:00am - 17:30hrs Monday to Friday